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At FoodPeg for you, restaurants create numerous foods and drink offers across several food categories that suit the budget and taste of food lovers, thereby presenting them with rich, romantic, memorable, and fine dining experience.

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FoodPeg brings to you famous and signature cuisines served by the restaurants that not only made them popular but also converted them into food joints and big food brands. FoodPeg objective is to bring to you food and drinks that deserves your time and money.


FoodPeg is India’s first product to enter food tech industry with a dual business model. "Best Food Offers" and "Order Food Online".

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FoodPeg facilitate food lovers with a wide range of food and drinks offers that suits their taste and budget, thus providing complete satisfaction and happiness. FoodPeg is the India’s first online portal that enables food lovers to search cuisine by their names or categories, budget etc. FoodPeg offers food lovers with FoodPeg points which can be redeemed by the food lovers as per the FoodPeg redemption policy. FoodPeg is designed to promote offers on food, drinks from restaurants listed with us. FoodPeg allows the restaurants to create buffet, lunch, dinning, drinks and snacks offers based on area demographics, taste, pricing, and food quality. It provides restaurants with a platform that enables them to launch new food items, and set new trends in this food and beverages industry. FoodPeg helps restaurants to become brands by reaching food lovers or foodie in bulk. FoodPeg creates hunger in the food lovers mind because we believe “Hunger in Mind Stronger than Hunger in Stomach”.

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FoodPeg is a web based application catering the Online ordering of food in India. FoodPeg is determined to bring more and more delicious food from the very best restaurants listed with FoodPeg. As a foodie, in FoodPeg, I can search best barbecue restaurants, restaurants near me, buffet restaurants, Indian restaurants near me, chinese restaurants near me, restaurants open near me, restaurants with continental food, restaurants with Italian food, and many more. I can also order food online in restaurants, that are nearby and offer best of Indian food or delicacies, authentic chinese food restaurants both in taste and style. FoodPeg also lists restaurants that offer food delivery, takeaway, home delivery and many other features.

Online Restaurant Table Booking.

FoodPeg enables you to book tables online in famous restaurants, star restaurants, luxurious restaurants, and more over your favorite restaurants.

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